Karate Practice


Parents Testimonials

Both of my kids been training at Karate Jutsu since each of them was 4 years old. The training my kids receiving have been wonderful.I clearly see how it's helped them throughout their every day life. My kids gained confidence, coordination,discipline and a BIG respect though this program. Sensei Matt is so experienced,carrying and soooo deeply passionate for everything he teach and everything he do for his students. He is like a 2nd father for my son ! A Big roll model for my son ! Karate Jitsu it's not just some karate school - it's like a big loving Family !!!

Marta M.

Excellent karate training program for kids of all ages. My both kids are happy to go to the Dojo and be trained by Sensei Matt. He is a great instructor and encourages kids to push through their limitations. He not only teaches them techniques of martial arts, but gives vuluable life lessons as well. Cannot say enough good words about Sensei Matt and his program.

Eva Matjošaitytė

Great place my nephew loves it you only hear good things about it from people around town. Privately owned no corporate shenanigans.

Luis Ramos

Karate Practice


Parents Testimonials

Sensei Matt is great with the kids. My son has been going there since 2015. Perfect for new or advanced children. He teaches all the classes. Classes are reasonably priced and you are not sucked into any long term contracts.

Tim Antisz

Sensei Matt is great. So happy we found Karate Jutsu and Sensei Matt.

Jennie Guerreiro

My kids are shy. The main reason,I put them is Karate class is to make them come out being shy and be bould eough. Matt and his Karate training is helping a lot. He is on mats all the time with kids and he encourages them a lot . My kids love to go to his class.

Rajakrishnan Mony


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75 East Cherry Street Suite  2A, Rahway, NJ 07065, USA

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