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Jane Jitsu: Courses


This is a 6 Week Self Defense Course that that teaches the Basic Core Techniques of Jane Jitsu. We want all the women that complete the course to be confident in their ability to defend themselves. So you can retake the course 1 more time if you need more practice at no charge.
Cost - $100 



This is a six week course the teaches the Advanced techniques and tactics of the Jane Jitsu Program. Too be eligible to take this course you must of taken and completed the Basic course. Also like the Basic Course if you feel you need to retake the course to feel confident, you are allowed to retake it 1 time for no charge.
Cost - $100

The Jane Jitsu Women‘s Self Defense Program is different then most others. Here we are going to teach you how to Defend yourself using a Women's strongest weapons. But by weapons we don’t just mean her physical ones, we also mean Awareness and Intuition!  If you want to know more information please call 732-779-8619.

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