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Karate Jutsu of Rahway

Practical Martial Arts Training.


Karate Jutsu Kids Programs

  • Kihon Karate Program ages 5-6 Fee is $60

  • Karate Jutsu Training Fee is $75.

  • Unlimited Training.

  • No Contracts.

  • Sensei Matt teaches



  • No Promotion or Belt Fees. Promotions are Rewards for Hard Work and Not a Bill for the Parents.


Kids Class Information and Schedule


Kihon Karate for Kids ages 5-6.

This class is for kids age 5-6 year old children The focus of this program is Kihon (Basic) karate, eye hand coordination, strength and fun through training games. This program will we really help the kids develop strong fundamentals which will help the in their karate training.  
Classes Monday and Wednesday 4-5pm
Cost $60 a month.


Karate Jutsu ages 7-9 years old

Karate Jutsu for Kids ages 7-9 .Mon and Wed 5-6pm and Sat 9-10am.


Karate Jutsu for Kids ages 10-12

Karate Jutsu for Kids ages 10-12. Classes are Mon and Wed 6-7pm Sat 10-11am.


Karate Jutsu for Kids ages 13 and Up

Karate Jutsu for Kids ages 13 and up. Classes are Mon and Wed 7-8pm Sat11-12pm


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